Gmail Password of my College Wingmates

Who said, you need to learn coding and all to hack the accounts?

Gmail password of my college wingmates:

Note: With due respect, didn’t hack senior’s account and was not able to do for Apradhi

1. Hrishikesh Jayakumar (Goli) > passwarcraft

2. Amritava Mitra (Tava) > haan-paa-bolo

3. Lovneet Singh (Jhopad) > mapasswordiz9876543210

4. Nimit Jain (Nimit) > keeprockingcheers

5. Rishi Kar (8pm) > uprosquintanizaionismith.xlri

6. Amit Raghavan (Jiggs) > CH4-MEthane

7. Suryakant (RnD) > passthepillow

8. Dhiraj (Bodo) > savepaani

9. Krishnaraj (Spidey) > tnagarpolama

10. Jatin (Muski) > vadaapaav

11. Anupam Pandey (Hawas) > peaceword

12. Abhijith S Nayak (Mortz) > passworditself

13. Ankur Vyas (Khande) > paaliworld

14. Abhiram > abhiram


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For the outsiders –


SarasNite is the annual day for the Saraswathi Hostel, IIT Madras – a  farewell party for the passing outs.

Unlike Holi and Deepawali, SarasNite comes up with a different theme every year. :)  This year, the theme was Bank Robbery.

Main attraction in the HostelNites of IIT Madras are the RG(Rogues Galllery) and Roast-Toast sessions among seniors and juniors where they discuss about an individual in detail.

–       Sharav- is the contracted word for Sharavati – the ladies hostel. Sarayu is another one
–       Shaastra and Saarang – Annual technical and cultural festival of IIT Madras respectively
–       Lit-Soc stands for the literary and social events; Schroeter is the trophy for the sports events


SarasNite, a view from the top.

—- — —

I am in Chennai and so it is almost impossible for me to miss it. I wanted to put a Tweet-Screen in the venue area, discussed it with the hostel guys, everybody was busy like brothers in a sister’s marriage. Finally, we managed to try something new.

We invited all the alumni of the hostel to participate and tweet up but the only way we publicized it was facebook. A lot better could have been done. It would be so nice that people across the globe can send their messages, kind of an online roast-toast and interactive session. Anyways, I felt good doing something for the hostel even after passing out🙂

Tweeple for the event – Me and Nimit Jain

Here are some of the selective tweets from me, @ma9ish

  1. Hello guys…welcome to #sarasnite
  2. All Saras Alumni – keep following and updating #SarasNite tag on twitter for latest updates about Saraswathi Hostel Nite 2010. #FB
  3. Shaastra, Saarang and then #SarasNite
  4. Sharav, Sarayu and then #SarasNite
  5. Ganguly and Gayle are off to pavilion – they want to follow #SarasNite
  6. There is a saying that the lady who see the Moon on #sarasnite – gets a cgpa of 9 next semester..
  7. Dance is absolutely free. We anyhow robbed the bank #SarasNite
  8. Whoever will dance at #sarasnite – will get an official tweet free. Catch up!!
  9. I sang “Papa kehte hai” in my first #sarasnite – I realized “Papa toh hamesha hi kehte hai yaar” …and so I didn’t continue then🙂
  10. Glucon (a 2nd year Sarasite who is performing now) – Dude, a girl just gave you a smile. Oh come on! he deserves more #sarasnite
  11. All the ladies are in VIBGYOR. Beautiful! Natural I mean #sarasnite
  12. @all hostels – you can now take pictures with Lit-Soc trophy #sarasnite
  13. Best wishes to all the aspiring Sarasites – JEE 2010 #sarasnite
  14. Karan Syal “BJ” says: “Ae chori!, jaraa nach ke dikha” !! #sarasnite
  15. After this dance, I really look like a bank robber.. #sarasnite
  16. I love you BJ (Karan Syal) #sarasnite
  17. I remember my last #sarasnite .. How much I cried… I didn’t even knew that I was crying…like the tear in the rain
  18. We live here for 4 years and feel so bad when about to leave. I wonder how girls manage – they have to leave their family one day #sarasnite
  19. Three things IIT gave me : 1) Awesome Friends 2) Double degree in 5 years 3) Respect #sarasnite
  20. When a junior whom you don’t even remember – smiles, hugs and then calls by your most fav name – you want to capture that moment #sarasnite
  21. If you don’t know how to rag a junior – I am sure you will be a bad daddy🙂🙂 . Well, my juniors say I do good in ragging sessions #sarasnite
  22. Administration should build a flyover connecting Sharav and Saraswathi. I mean Tiffanys is so far #sarasnite
  23. Saras is located in the best location here in the campus – no doubt about it #sarasnite
  24. To all my juniors and seniors, I toast! #sarasnite
  25. Some moments I can’t forget in Saras: 1) my first day in mess with papa 2) when I got a name 3) when i won an election 4) all #sarasnite
  26. Why Library is located near Sharav. Looks like a strategy to me. Well, really neat and deep think. Note: Sangam(playground) is near Saras #sarasnite
  27. You have to believe the fact that Jam, Ganga hook up on sports as the hostels are big-and so a big sample – and so more sportsmen #sarasnite
  28. Well, Saras has one more floor now. My good wishes. #sarasnite
  29. I really missed the hostel mess in my last 2 years. It was awesome – RR caterers-they were really good that time.MEGA MESS SUCKS! #sarasnite
  30. Lit-Soc and Schroeter points should be a pro-rata allotment based on the strength of the hostel. A model something like that #sarasnite
  31. If you don’t cry on your hostel-Nite – go get a life! #sarasnite
  32. F.R.I.E.N.D.S and S.A.R.A.S I love both #sarasnite
  33. Saras Loves all. Saras can’t forget: Oval, Chamiya. The Social Secretary who got us trophy 1st time and his companion in everything #sarasnite

Here are some of the selective tweets from Nimit, @jainnimit

  1. Forget #IPL….if you are not at #SarasNite you are missing something in life!
  2. Good to be back at IIT….enjoying #SarasNite meeting with friends and their gfs😛
  3. Few seniors and batch mates called. They are missing Saras Days and #SarasNite.
  4. Up next is Glucon. I wonder what he is doing in IIT. In his first year itself I asked him to quit IIT & join some music institute. #SarasNite
  5. Wing video time. I am proud of my juniors. #SarasNite
  6. #SarasNite ended at 5:15AM. DJ + RG+ Toasts. WOW! Though I missed most of the RGs +Toasts.

PS: Thanks to all the juniors. You guys rock!

— –

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How to make one waste his time

Everyone – Steve Jobs with his new Ipad, Naga Sadhus at the Kumbha Mela, a beggar on the street, a teacher, a social worker, a dancer, a singer, a boxer, an artist, a writer, kids, boys, and girls wants people to notice them.  It’s a human tendency to admire, to aspire and to become.

Do you really think IPL means business for SRK, Priety, Malaya, India Cements? At least not for the new team owners – Sahara and Rendezvous. If you think so, then do your maths. This is all about adding glamour in their life and to get noticed. For Sharukh Khan, even IPL was not working, so he started cracking controversial jokes like – “I will dance naked”. Politicians in Mumbai thought that their game may get over soon, so they started creating issues and roared till their throat so as people notice them. Manish Tewari is another fool. Amar Singh does it all the time.

Mr. Rahul Mahajan wanted the whole world to evaluate his ass, girls thought that his dad must have left a lot of money and so lots of them opened their zips and we spent half an hour daily on him including news channels and newspapers next day. Hs is happy, his dad was a renowned politician, everybody knew his dad – and now him too. Mr. Amitabh Bachchan opens his mouth and sugar gets spilled all over the world, for some it may salt be. Rakhi Sawant doesn’t even spend on her clothes and she is on every newspaper and magazine we read. Shashi Tharoor became a politician and then he realized that an educated person like him can have a real tough time putting his point here – so he started tweeting and targeted audience of his type. Once again, he wanted an attention. Sri Baba Ramdev Yogi is organizing free Yoga camps throughout the India, it’s free – but wherever he goes, he hangs a number of banners and hoardings. All he wants a public attention. Sushmita Sen thought that she is almost cut out from the media world, so she started some social work and within a week, she outweighed Mallika Sherawat with an open shirt.

Steve Jobs and his new girlfriend iPad is mentioned on every link I open now days – ATTENTION is all he seeks.

Well, what about me? How is the world supposed to know about my affairs? How should the world know that I went to Paris last week and so I have a photo with Eiffel Tower? How to express my feelings which changes each and every day? How is the world supposed to know that my dog’s name is bush? How this? How that?

Dhoni won yesterday, so as my team won the Colony Premier League.  Salman Khan has three girl friends, I have five. Rahul Gandhi has an opinion, so have I. Priyanaka Chopra has a good figure.. Oh I See – have a look here please!

Other than the voice chat, ease of updating the Status Message was one more attraction in GTalk . World could know about the song one is listening to, city one is currently in, movie one is watching right now, this, that, blah – and it worked. One felt the importance of keeping his friends updated about him/her and the joy of being noticed then.

Orkut, Myspace, Facebook gave one the platform for a catwalk. People gets to know whether he is engaged, broke-up, married, single etc and when he gets a response, he is no less than Mika smooching Rakhi. People gets to know that currently he is in Europe and so he feels no less than the Foreign Minister. People gets to know that he has won the Chess Championship in his college, 5 hot females of his college comments on his post and he feels like training Vishwanathan Anand.

Then came twitter – the cocept of microblogging. Now, one can personally message Mr. P. Chidambaram that his lungi was whiter than the last time, but 70 CRPF Jawans were still killed. One can message a News TV reporter that he really liked the fact that they were showing Ekta Kapoor’s serial highlights when a Rahul Gandhi’s youth raped a lady in Pune. He feels like being heard, being noticed, he feels no less than a celebrity.


1) Even Eklavya was disappointed when Guru Drona didn’t noticed his talent, you know what happened then.

2) I am not denying the importance of social networking websites, am rather trying to explore the qualitative reasons behind their success in a country like India.

3) Well, you can find me everywhere – Orkut to twitter and yes, I feel no less than a celebrity and so you should follow me on on twitter @ma9ish

— — –

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fasT TrAck ^ One usual day at IIT


Kehte hai Ishq me baatein meethi hoti hai, kya batau unhe ki tere saath har baat hi Ishq ki hoti hai..


Getting inside was his dream. He was happy, so he kept dreaming.

One usual day at IIT



“He is Kamal – the only thing he who do is dream” ~ “Dear friend Dev” ~ “Cute Namrata” ~ “Dream Girl Kavita” ~ “Huge Mr. Moonshine Pushkariya”  ~ “Absent Minded Mr. Tripathi and Mr. Naarang” and a “Senior Ravi


It was Holi last day. Walls are turned red. It’s early in the morning but Sun is already red. Dev is blushing; his nails are bright red than Namrata’s lipstick. Dev knocks on his room; latch which is turned red reminds him of Namrata’s hand full of Mehandi. He shouts- “Abe uth saale”…

Kamal had a slight fever yesterday, bhaang was never his choice. Both the keypad of his cell phone and he turned red, bodies of both being full of scratches, while he dreams of a Camel Safari on a breezy September in Jaiselmer. It is full Moon. Red is he but pink is the city, pink is his turban, pink are the flowers, pink is she and pink is the cloth on the hump of Pushkariya. Pushkariya is looking very different than other camels in the Mela – Kavita and he are sitting on its back.

His cell phone being snoozed with every hump of Pushkariya, he is turning sides on the bed with every smile of Kavita. And then, suddenly like Pushkariya is thirsty. He feels like he has reached the Matka-Phod point of the Mela. Laddo-Matka which Kavita was carrying suddenly slips away and Dev Shouts – “Abe uth saaleOye bhenchod, attendance short hai teri, khada ho – 7:55 ho gayi. See you in the class”.

Red is his eyes. Red is the floor. Red are his slippers. But where is he? Where is Kavita? Where is Pushkariya? Red can be Professor, so there is he – in the thermodynamics class.

Mr. Tripathi is trying to explain the Carnot Cycle. Dev is on the first bench. He is writing faster than Mr. Tripathi. He is holding Namrata’s bag in the other hand. Mr. Tripathi is not interested in anybody and neither is he. With his eyes open and lips touching the wood, he is with Kavita again. He is holding two assignments, one report and three tutorials in his hand. He lit all of them in fire, sits with Kavita around and stares at her till each question mark and dots on those papers burns down to fumes which is causing Kavita tear and so she looks more beautiful. Tear in his eyes when Dev shouts – “Abe chal, next class 11 baje hai.” With more question marks and dots now, he smiles at Dev: “Namrata looks good in red”.  Dev looks upset: “Abe woh sab chhod, 4 credits hai, kaise bhi S lag jayee yaar”.

T.N.T. Caterers reminds him of trinitrotoluene and then Kavita. She was good in Chemistry. Difficult are the conditions as he has only fifteen minutes for his lunch and Rs. five in his pocket. Dev is probably with Namrata in the ladies canteen (D.D.T. Caterers). There is a long queue for the sulphur, so he settles down for the epoxy products. He sits at the corner table where his hostel senior, Ravi is sitting with a lady and a gentleman probably his parents.  With the cell phone ringing in his pocket and he is not picking, with the epoxysomething in his hand and he is not eating – he is with Kavita again. Soon, the steel table turns to soil of his motherland; soon the cemented ceiling turns to shed and leaves of the Banyan Tree. TNT and DDT are spread over there to kill the mosquitoes. With every bite she is having on orange, he feels like colouring every leaf of the tree into orange. He seems confused then as her green bangles match with the leaves. He is happy. The clock seems to be invented yet. His eyes are shining with every blink of her and then Ravi snaps his finegrs making a small sound – “Oye dude, kahan kho gaya. Dad, he is Kamal – my hostel junior”. “Namaste Uncle, Aunty”.

This is his third bicycle in two years but epoxysomething and a glass of H2O followed by a 3 hours class do not allow him to use it. He is late. He thanks his college and some students for never-on-time buses with no schedules. Dev has probably reached. He would have copied the lab report by now. Namrata is a good friend of his. Mr. Naarang, the lab in charge is a moody person, he thinks. Bus takes the final halt. It’s only 40 degrees. Mr. Naarang do not allow him to enter. It’s 44 degrees. Bicycle is parked near TNTs and he is thankful to the never-on-time buses of the campus. He has to walk for a kilometre. Some Mr. XY offers him a lift on TVS Star City. He is going to the back gate.

With every passing tree, his hostel is near. With every passing second, his eyes are clear. His eyes are clear, it’s a big mountain. His eyes are closed, it is raining. His eyes are traced, into her eyes. His eyes are sparkling, she is Kavita. His eyes are wet, his hostel has arrived. “Which hostel, man”? “Oh! Hmm..aah..hmm..OK, can you drop me at the back gate please?. I will have something to eat”.

“Thank you so much sir”. Five rupees in his pocket is now a cigarette in his fingers. This is his first time. He is not feeling good. Third puff and he is not feeling anything. He looks at the cigarette closely; it looks different from each and every angle, each and every second – something very similar to his life. With his mouth full of smoke, he feels her; with the smoke in the air, he feels her. With every passing second, he feels her. He misses her. He dreams her. “Kya bhai, class nahi hai”? “Haan woh..Nahi“..

Day goes on. Classes goes on. He is in his room. He is still dreaming.

Football ground, near the goal post, he slips and almighty God gifts him with a fractured leg. He has to be in the hospital for a month. He somehow feels good. His room is clean. His bed sheet is washed. Lots of his friends will be visiting him daily.  He has no Orkut account, but the plaster on his leg is full of testimonials. There is no Mr. Naarang. Everyone smiles at him, no matter what. He ends his day with a pretty face and a good night wish. He spends his entire night with Kavita. Sometimes she is on his right, sometimes on his left and most of the times everywhere. He cries. He laughs.

Life goes on. He dreams on.

Kehte hai Ishq me baatein meethi hoti hai, kya batau unhe ki tere saath har baat hi Ishq ki hoti hai..


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Noo Year. Noo Looks

A warm welcome to the Fiscal Year 2011. How ironic that a new financial year starts with the Fool’s Day. Even IPL is comical about it – it’s KKR vs. DC tomorrow. Seems like Modi had planned in advance for it. Tomorrow, President Pratibha Patil is going to kick-start the largest census operation in the history; she plans to cover a population of 1.2 billion in one single database. I guess the name should be changed to Operation Full Census or may be Operation Fool Census. So, what are you going to do? I have a nice idea. Why don’t you call your boss early in the morning and say him: “Hey Uncle Sam, I Quit.” Remember to laugh strongly after that – he he ha ha ha – April Fool. It will surely help you earn some bonus points.

With the Noo Year, Noo Looks for the blog.

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Amitabh Bachchan, The Coolie

Muhammad Ali Jinnah hail from Gujarat and so Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Gujarat is one of the state in India, may not be in the hands of ruling government but is definitely not Bangladesh.  When Manish Tewari said to Amitabh Bachchan to be clear about Gujarat, it seemed like an Indian Defence Minister was targeting Army Chief of the neighbour country.

Amitabh Bachchan rejected the honorary from an Australian University reacting against racial attacks. This was the time when a common man was eagerly waiting for a firm action against Australian Government but centre seemed to be busy. Unfortunately, they had to welcome two dead bodies. I admire Rahul Gandhi, but Mr. Youth Icon kept his mouth shut. Not their fault. They have no political advantage over helping the Indian students in Australia. They are handling so many states but none of them is even comparable with Gujarat. Why? Why? Why?

Amitabh Bachchan is a brand ambassador for Gujarat Tourism. Gujarat has some of the largest businesses in India. He is promoting development in Gujarat and not riots. Congress is acting like a kid. Tomorrow, somebody from the opposition will stand up and will question promoting Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai and Punjab. Nobody can promote these as it would be directly related to riots. I am nobody but I invite Mr. Manish Tewari to appoint a brand ambassador for Kashmir Tourism. Sounds difficult? Lame-Lame, Shame-Shame. History will blame you, Mr. Manish Tewari.

I am a common man. If someone like Amitabh Bachchan can be humiliated by as called as Mr. Manish Tewari who does not know the rural – urban population divide in India, anything can be possibly done with a common man. If Gujarat tourism means Gujarat riots for an Indian minister, isn’t it realistic that India is a zone of terrorist prone activities for rest of the world. Whom to blame?


Manish Tewari to his son: Amitabh Bachchan acted in Don Movie. Don’t eat Dabur Chayawanprash.

His son reply back: Dad, he does both. You do none.

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Taaza Khabar

Happy Durga Ashtmi. Jai Mata Di

The sponsors for the “Taaza Khabar” are RCB players with McDowell’s shirt and IPL umpires with Fly Kingfisher shirt. Malaya is almost an entrepreneur.🙂

1. Three Salutes:

Three Young boys: Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev Singh sacrificed their lives today before 79 years. Let’s salute them, one by one. I feel really bad about how India has treated them and their families. All our history is so doctored that only the ruling party can explain it. In my history book, Nehru was a man of principles and Bhagat Singh was a crazy young man. Here, the reader is advised to know all about Nehru and all about Bhagat.

2. Dhokha, Dhokha aur fir Dhokha (LSD) ‘Reviews’:

Masand aur uski Sadak Chaap Pasand.

I will take you through a very funny and innovative business. In local buses of Haryana (India), a salesman tries to sell a product (p1 which costs him Rs. 100): he auctions it. He puts a condition that if he would not like the auction price, he won’t sell it – but whoever is bidding, will get a Reynolds’s 045 free. He gets 4-5 bids and strategically he dislikes the auction price and he distributes pen to the bidders. Again, he repeats it – this time with a product (p2, which costs him Rs. 150) – same – he strategically dislikes the auction price and gives pen to all the bidders. Now, comes the DHOKHA – this time he repeats it – with a product (p3, which costs him Rs. 50) – and now he gets almost 12-15 bids and he declares that he likes Mr. Smart’s bid (Rs. 150). DHAMAKA. All are Ambanis, we just need a platform🙂 Fool in the story is Mr. Smart.

LSD reminded me of this business. The shock after Khosla ka Ghosla and Oye Lucky gave me the feeling of Mr. Smart’s foolishness.

Strictly avoidable, an effortless and highly overrated movie OR may be for me it was like a painting whom only some crazy people can appreciate.

For those who already saw the movie: Did you guys also felt that Loki resembles Yuvraj Singh?

3. Third Party Views – Indian (Chennai) girls:

In another case, Mr. Manish Bagri was discussing about the girls in their respective countries with his flatmate all the way from Columbia. Mr. Manish got so much depressed that he finally managed his flatmate to start a blog and write about the Indian girls. Manish even gave a name to his blog which resembles his (Mr. Santiago Garcia’s) name – itsgracious!! – So, here you can read about the third party’s view about Indian (Chennai) girls.

4. A day of National Importance: ‘Accident’

Mr. Manish Bagri’s auto crashed into an open manhole when he was travelling from OMR to Adyar in Chennai (Some of the locals says, it’s a metro city). For an entire day, Manish felt like a sportsman with the Volini Spray all over his legs. Also, in an interview Mr. Manish said that he is not able to see any wall in Chennai which is not painted with DMKay and his balls. He laughed and said that he likes when locals pee on it. He made an appeal to locals here to take care of their city and don’t make it a politician’s toilet.

5. Ka*at – the new Arjuna in the town:

All these old government buildings needs to be renovated and I am sure that it would cost less than Rs. 1600 Crores (Mayawati’s expense on her monuments). So, there has been a fire in an old court building in Kolkata which led to the deaths of many and now CPM will soon announce a compensation which is actually meant for the housemaid expenses of Ka*at and his family. Indiya TV doubts that Ka*at’s can be behind this, he may have planned to burn all the documents in that court referring to himself and his housemaid. What a strategy, it’s like Arjuna’s bow – “Ek teer se 2 Nishaan” – now there are no proof documents and moreover, with the compensation package – he has not to spend from his pocket to shut his housemaid’s mouth.🙂

6. Some stud photos on Rediff:

Manish Bagri had travelled to Mahabalipuram last week. Rediff, with his due permission posted a travel pic of his on their website. Have a look – one of those photos is from his visit to Tiger’s Cave – Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu.

Here is that photo:

7. How Foolish – Indian Polishe!

A crude bomb was found in the cargo section of a Kingfisher flight at Thiruvananthapuram Airport and then, Rajdhani Express was derailed in the Naxal’s attack. How Foolish – Indian Polishe. Isn’t it obvious that terrorists travelled from Kerala to New Delhi? :) Don’t they know there are so many trains connecting Kerala and New Delhi? Even the station workers at New Delhi know this. This is a punishable offence and so I hereby appeal to the citizens of my country to personally look with the red eyes – all wide open whenever they see any member of Indian Polishe.

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